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Navigating the eProcurement Process: What to Ask Solution Providers

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The 7 Questions to Ask eProcurement Solution Providers

1. Will the solution integrate well with our ERP and other systems?

Although many eProcurement solutions can stand alone, integration with an ERP is an essential requirement for most organizations.

2. What is your approach to customer service?

Excellent technical support and issue resolution is vital, but it is only a single component of what should be a holistic approach to customer service.

3. What will the implementation look like?

Implementation can be the most exciting but stressful stage of an eProcurement transformation. It’s important to have confidence that you’re working with a provider that can set you up for success.

4. Does your solution offer the functionality we need?

You have likely worked with stakeholders from across your organization to create a list of requirements in response to the pain points and goals identified.

5. What type of training is provided?

Most eProcurement providers will address training in their implementation plan. But if training is only seen as a necessary step before deployment, we challenge you to expand your expectations.

6. What is the user experience like?

The importance of usability is often underappreciated, but the ease with which users can navigate a solution can be a central factor in whether the solution is considered a success or failure.

7. How is supplier onboarding managed?

Another area of consideration that often doesn’t get the attention it should is how supplier onboarding and management are handled.

Featured Speakers

Unimarket_Marcie Nicastro_St. John Fisher Colllege

Marcie Nicastro

Director of Procurement
St. John Fisher University


As Director of Procurement at St. John Fish College, Marcie is responsible for overseeing and managing an organization's procurement activities. 

Unimarket_Melissa Badeau_Alfred University v2

Melissa Badeau 

Director of Procurement Services
Alfred University


Melissa is a Change Management Agent and Procurement Specialist with skilled Employee Engagement, acting as an Educator, Facilitator, and Transformational Leader with 15+ years of experience and exceptional business acumen.

Unimarket_Erin Riley_E&I Cooperative Services

Erin Riley

SVP, Innovation, Optimization & Solutions
E&I Cooperative Services


Erin currently leads the Cooperative’s IOS Department, overseeing the growth of products and services such as Strategic Sourcing Assessments and eProcurement solutions. Her responsibilities include the continuous development of innovative new products and services, including data services.

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Understanding Navigating the eProcurement Process: What to Ask Solution Providers